2022: Recap for me

2022: Recap for me

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2022 was a year of many ups and downs. I wanted to share some of the highlights of the year with you.

Normally, I would put all of these into a series of tweets. But due to the current status of Twitter, I decided to put all down into a blog and share it with whoever wants to read it.

Best of the 2022

Best City

I had a chance to visit many amazing cities on the world last year. Even though the top spot was close between the two cities, the winner is Chicago.

The city was amazing in many ways. The architecture, the beach, the parks and the deep dish pizza. But overall, I felt at peace there. So between Los Angeles and Chicago, the crown belongs to Chicago.

Best Song

Last year I listened to many great songs because I will be honest with you, I listen to music almost every hour of every day.

I started to listen to Khalid a lot and this song was on the top of my Spotify Wrapped list and I stand my ground for that.

Best TV Series

This one will be shared between The Bear and Ted Lasso. They both made me feel a lot of emotions that I have never felt.

Best Movie

Best movie of the year for me: Everything Everywhere all at once. I don't want to add anything else than state the fact that everyone needs a Waymond in their lives.

Best Personal Moment

London is a special city for me and my wife. We always dreamt of going there, maybe even living there someday. That is why I proposed to my wife in London. This year we had a chance to visit London and the place that I proposed to her. It was amazing.

Best Career Moment

I have had many great moments in 2022 but being at re:invent and giving a talk was a great opportunity. Especially doing it with my friend Mo as the first Flutter workshop at the event was even better. I will remember that forever.

Last year's goals

Last year I put the list above as my goals for the year 2022. From all of these, I was able to achieve the following:

  • Travel to at least 10 new cities

  • Tweeting only in English

  • Having a selfcare-first/mental health first life style

The ones I did not achieve have not happened mainly because of time management.

I shared the goals that I did not achieve with you to show that, it is okay to miss your goals. As you have more time in this world, you can achieve your goals.

Goals for 2023

My goals for this year are still ambitious. Here they are in the written format so I won't forget about them:

  • Put a video on my YouTube channel every week (Check DeclarativeCast)

  • Read 20 books

  • Learn a new language (both for programming and speaking)

  • Visit 10 more new cities

  • Focus on LinkedIn, TikTok and other social media platforms more